When I was growing up I never understood how people wanted to stay at home on the weekend and not indulge in fun filled antics with friends and most probably a few too many goon and juices. I understood some people enjoyed their own space, however, I always thought it was sheltering to do so and they were never truely experience ‘life’ to the fullest.

I understand it now and I feel guilty for ever feeling that way and displaying that in my manner, eyes and words. I wish I knew what I do now, people just reach different stages of their life at different times.

Visually, this is how I see it – we are all put infront of a ladder at birth and as life continues we reach for a different step up, we talk, then walk and so forth, with these actions and mental growth we climb another step, years from that moment we reach our final step, at the top of the ladder.

People meet their soul mates at different times, people crave the antics of parties at different stages and people fall into a different pathway, it’s healthy and it’s just part of how the world goes round.

I am at a different stage than I was this time last year and I dare say this time next year I will have gone up another step and the year after another step.

Until eventually all the steps are done and I sit at the top, wrinkly and wise and ready to depart this world knowing I took every step with grace, didn’t look at the step behind me and didn’t await the step in front.

So this is my message to you –

People change, thank god they do! People grow on the inside as much as they do the outside. It doesn’t mean they forget who they were, and the friends and family who got them there. They just grow, as simple as that. Like a sunflower, watered daily and awaiting to display yellow goodness to the world.

This is how I see it – Look at your mum now, imagine if she was still out every weekend, doing shots upside down in some random bar, working in the general store and drove a holden astra. A phone full of emojis and group chats talking about everything from boys to beers.

You can’t picture it right? Because you wouldn’t be here if that was the case. You wouldn’t even be a thought at that stage, if she didn’t meet your dad, take that job and settle the wild in her soul than who knows.

My mum still catches up with friends, they drink over dinner, maybe not 15 beers but two glasses of wine (that’s enough, trust me). Her friends are on the same stage of life as her – kids have moved out, grandchildren fill their hearts with laughter and they bathe in the moment and the beauty of all they have been given, they relish in the past but bathe in the present.

I have friends who are steps above me and friends who are are still in the midst of adolescence and they intend to be on that step for as long as they can and that is completely perfect. Because one day a soul mate will walk in and the idea of a life together seems more appealing then that of a jelly shot, or maybe a job will pop up and weekend all nighters can not continue as that report is due on Monday. Or Maybe they just damn well wanted different!

Do I stop being friends with people on a different step? Obviously not, but here is what I will do and here is what I wish I did before. I will hear about their life at the moment and I will enjoy their step with them over a coffee and as soon as my ute door shuts and I return home I will go back to my step and let excitement fill my body with the possibility that this life has something installed for me, maybe I could go down a step and maybe I could go up a step come morning. Right now I will relish in my  wonderful, exciting and loved up step.

You dance on that step you are on, you moonwalk in the rain, you kiss that soul mate, you hand in that report and you damn well enjoy that step, because who knows when you have to take the next step up, it could be tomorrow or next week.

You choose wether you go up or down and you focus on your step, don’t dare let anyone else get in the way.

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