The richest of them all

Today one of my friends from primary school got engaged, watching the happiness bubble from her being got me thinking about what it is to truely be rich in life, to feel like you have got your ‘I made it moment’.

You see before Nick, I fumbled around in search of the one thing that was missing from my heart, I didn’t know what that thing was that was, for a while I thought it was a career, at times I thought maybe it was routine. All I really knew was contentment wouldn’t settle upon my chest until I found it.

No job, no town seemed to fill that missing hole, until I met Nick. Like a knight in shining armour, walking through the door with a big smile. Every part of me rushed to fill that hole in one quick ‘arghhhh that’s what’s missing’. To tell you the truth, even on the days Nick isn’t around I can feel that whole beat with fullness, a reminder that his waiting for me, the exact same part of him beating louder and louder as the minutes tick on.

For a while there, I didn’t think that wild in my life would settle.. I thought maybe gaining love from friendships and climbing into bed alone at night was okay, I wasn’t looking for anyone.

I guess thats when it happens, not when you want but when the time is right, have faith in the way things will turn out.

So who really is the richest of them all? The man who drives home at night in his Mustang, leather seats with a cigar straining his lungs, given up the spare of his time to dedicate to making money.

Perhaps, its the man who returns from work to the home of his life, love bursting through the door as it opens, spilling its goodness upon the once bad day turned good.

For me it’s the man who returns home in a Land Cruiser to an excited Dachound and most nights a girl running from the front door to meet his open arms.

Nick Sheather you are the richest of them all, for I promise that sheepskin of a cruiser feels better than that of a leather mustang and your arms feel safer than that of money.

To my dearest friend Ashley, when we were 8, dressing in bed sheets and picking flowers from mums garden to walk down our makeshift isle, we knew it would happen one day. Today was your day, you found the missing piece and you more than anyone deserves that piece to stay. To Josh,  the richest man of them all, that love is all you need.

To love, laughter and happily ever after.

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