2018 and me

Okay, well as 2018 looms in less then 8 hours I can’t help but feel excited for the year thats ahead and unlike a fresh 18 year old’s Instagram post 2018 will not mean ‘a new year and a new me.”

2017 gave me a new home, new job(s), the love of my life and of course the best little dog in the world. Although, on an emotional basis it has given me relief, stability and for the first time in a long time a happiness that oozes from my body.

Before I go on to tell you about what my plans are for 2018 I feel like you need to know this – New Years resolutions aren’t the be all and end all, don’t set an expectation for a year, expectation killed the cat and it will kill your hope. Just ride the year out, acknowledge the way you are feeling and brace yourself for what lies ahead, whatever it may be.

2018 and me (and you) –

Be resilient – the worlds people say will not affect my sparkle anymore, nor should it dim yours. Take it to the chin, laugh and nod.

Do you – don’t waste time on people who aren’t willing to give it to you, don’t follow in friendships that drain the energy from your body. Do you, for you!  I mean this in the most unselfish, least arrogant way. You don’t want to go to the party? Don’t. You don’t want to take that new job? Don’t. You don’t feel like working late at night? Don’t. Focus on you, feed that body beautiful goods but most of all feed that mind beautiful thoughts.

Don’t expect happiness – We didn’t not evolve to be continually happy, what a strange and beautiful world it would be if that was a case. Remember that, remember it after a long day and your bones ache with tired movement and you just want to sleep, remember that when the tears seep from your eyes and make the heart bubble with pain. Remember this is life, learn the best ways to deal with it, but don’t expect constant happiness.

The apple falls far from the tree (I know I promised a blog post on this one, I am working on it!) – You see I am either being told I look like mum and dad, that the words that dribble from m mouth are sometimes too closely similar to that of my parents. While it has never bothered me and it shouldn’t bother you, it has dawned on me lately that I will be me and I can take the good bits from my parents, although I will not become clones of their being. Nick and I have been talking a lot lately about the way we grew up, all the good stuff! But it got me thinking, traditions start when you want them to, you can create the people you want to see in this world. So when my time comes and we are creating a family and they little personalities are absorbing everything I will remember this – Take the good and leave the bad.

Last but not least! This is the one I am going to be taking with me, I am gonna grip it with both hands and live by it.


2018 is a new year – remember everything that happened in the past happen


ed, you can’t change it but you can learn from it. Take 2018 as your ‘get out of 2017 jail free card’, anyone who holds you to it is cruel and if you let it play on your mind, your just as guilty of cruel behaviour.

There ya have it! What me and you can do in the New Year.

2017, thank you for being so kind to me, thank you for the lessons and the laughs. While it’s time to say goodbye you should know this, in the years to come I will be telling my children of 2017, the year I was a rural journalist, communications officer, project officer, the year I told the world about my battles, the year I met their father and the year Peggy fumbled into my home. The year their mum learnt that the beat in her chest was for so many reasons than to survive.25550287_342837876191039_7483234301488946965_n

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