Just because you give does not mean you receive

Happiness is funny, you can have all the happiness in the world but still have the ability to find something wrong, I haven’t found anything wrong but I do feel strongly about this post so excuse me if a biast opinion portrays itself upon my wording.

You gotta give a little to get a little, but do you really? Dad always tought me that if you go and make other people happy then you just might find a little piece of that happiness will rub off and in turn, make you happy. That’s true and everyone should have no stronger instinct than to make someone happy, although there comes a time when you expect something in return, now dad would tell me that is a selfish thought to have. That expectations are the killer of the minority.

Maybe that is why relationships fail? Because of expectations. I remember one night I was up having a conversation with my brother on the phone and he said five little words that linger in my head everyday “don’t expect anything from anyone” and I get that now, I half believe a key to happiness is learning to never expect anything in return, not because you are undeserving but because are humble within yourself.

And I will admit nearly everyday I have to remind myself not to expect anything, that just because I did something good does not make me deserving of something great.

When I say give some to get some  I am not talking about baked bread put upon ones doorstep but the whole hearted dedication of valuable time and unrecognised sympathy is put in an unasked situation.

I have always been like dad, got giddys off making other people happy, absolutely bathing in the moment of recognition for hard word. But lately it is like something has clicked inside me and I wonder if all that giving my father has given out will one day find itself back to him and lay itself upon his conscious and for once he may accept some back.

Or if in reality I do in fact give in the hope of return? Which I hope is not true for my guilty mind would not rest until I worked out why I hold expectations that don’t need to evolve.

So I guess that is what I am getting at, this world needs more Richard Ian Edwards, so than a cycle begins, people give and give and no one ever expects anything in return as they are already receiving those return benefits from other Richard Ian’s of the world.

Funny hah? That I can say that yet I am still trying to work out why I expect things.

I am still yet to work out if I am soley a Richard Ian of the world, but for my sake I hope the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, you see I have been lucky in my life, I have recieved from the people around me.

There are two different definitions of success and the realisation that “I have made it”, well two that I believe – Some people judge it by their career and the objects and cash flow that floods their life, others judge it upon the contentment that settles upon their stomach causing a warm wash upon inner peace and a sigh of relief.

Give, give, give and then you give some more! That is the way this life should work. Want to be happy? Then dont expect anything.

Be a Richard Ian Edwards and give till you can’t possible give anymore, relish in the love receive from that giving and never expect anything in return.


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