Arnie and Stella

Today I stopped at a property for an interview about their sheep operation.

But truth be told,  I took nothing away about the objective selection of self-replacing Merino’s. Instead, I took away some wisdom, imparted to me by one of the most loved up couples I have encountered.

I walked into their home and was greeted with a pot of tea, homemade sausage rolls, and ginger nut cookies by Stella, she shuffled me into the kitchen and told me what youthful skin I have. I was told to make myself comfortable until her husband, Arnie, returns from fixing the tractor.

I sat down and talked away to the bubbly lady, answered her enormity of questions and drank my tea.

When Arnie walked in the mood changed, from good to incredible. He strolled through the door, was quick to shake my hand before kissing his wife on her grey hair, “whats on the menu today stella bella.”

The couple were more interested in telling me about their love story rather than their operation, I sat back and listened, bathing in their love, laughing at their stories and watching Arnie’s hand rest on top of Stella’s, for the entirety of the conversation.

The feeling was too good, you see lately I have been a walking shell of nothing. Certainly not feeling unloved, but feeling like the modern flashes of 2017 was intruding on my old fashioned soul. Maybe from lack of sleep or maybe I crave the presence of good hearted people, not striving for anything in particular but gripping to what makes their skin glow and heart beat. So when this couple offered me a conversation, not an everyday conversation but a true, heartfelt story about true love and ignoring societal impacts, I obliged.

They told me they’ve had a lot of fights before, that Arnie struggles with mental health issues and they nearly never agree on one thing, but every night before they go to bed they have a cup of tea and tell each other about their day.

When we went outside to grab a photo Arnie headed off first to get his working dogs and Stella and I strolled along, I asked her how after 50 years of married you aren’t sick of each other.

This was her reply-

“You fall in love with one person, only one person. People who say you fall in and out of love are wrong, you’ll know when it happens. We were lucky it happened in a time before mobile gadgets and alcohol fuelled sillies, we were left alone, on the farm together 7 days a week and I guess that made it easy, plus I love wine, maybe that helps.”

When I left they waved me off, arms around each other and I left feeling loved up, like a marshmallow that oozes sweetly filled insides after roasting above a fire.

I didn’t even make it to the front gate before I called Nick to tell him I love him.

DSC_0681 (3)




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