Procrastinate or Vaccinate

Argh so this post is about the good old vaccination debate that has been going on for a large ol’ hunk of my life.

Writing about this was triggered when my friend recently had a baby and proudly announced on Facebook prior to birth that she would much encourage no visitors until her little cherub had had her six-week-old whooping cough injection UNLESS you yourself have had the injection. Now you see it didn’t bother me that I wasn’t able to visit that little ball of cuteness right away or that my friend had made this brave decision to do her best to keep her girl safe.

My family, well my parents don’t believe in vaccinations. I haven’t been pinned with the eye of needle reassuring me I would live a long and ill free life, not one vaccination has touched my skin.  Needless to say, I also haven’t had any serious diseases. Tetanus? Nope! Whooping cough? Nope! But I tell you what I have had- a cold, pneumonia, chickenpox, Q-Fever and every other so called flu or illness that passes through the Australian household that I guess could have been prevented with a vaccination. I survived and now it’s safe to say all nine of my siblings are happy and healthy and so are their children.

As far as I know, some of my sisters and brothers didn’t take on my parent’s alternative health practices. Some of my nieces and nephews have had the jab and others haven’t, some seem to get the flu every time the weather drops below the normal and others never have a funny nose, I can say we have had school sores, parvo, flu after flu and several other infections that are bound to get passed when kids are confined to a small room with 30 other kids all fighting over one tractor toy. The vaccination debate isn’t something we usually don’t talk about at family Friday, I guess none of us would ever judge the other for choosing to do what they believe is right for their children’s health.

My mother, a nurse herself who spends her spare time preaching the benefits of coconut oil and other natural resources. Not a hippy at all, just a preacher of remedies given to us in a natural form, I must thank her for her constant health tricks that have gotten us through most illnesses. let me tell you

Let me tell you this, there was a free flu vaccination campaign that riddles many work places at the start of winter this year, I considered it. I weighed up the pros and cons and much to my disgust the only con was my utter hate for needles. So there I was big and brave sitting in my office chair waiting for my vaccination at 4 pm when my workmate came in, nose red and running, eyes drooping and a body that looked like it had been riddled with pain. After he confessed he got the free vaccination last week and now was the sickest he’d ever been.

Needless to say, I bailed.

I know the old saying “things have to get worse before they get better”, what a load of utter poop that saying is. Things should not have to get worse before they get better, if I have a sore back I am not going to go out and do handstands in the hope it will get worse all for it to get better, no! I am going to rest it and it will get better. Things get better gradually! I shouldn’t have to have a cold in a bid to hopefully not get a cold in the future.

That was the only time I really felt that utter pressure rise up within me when outlined within symptoms is “you may experience symptoms of a flu” because like that would make me say “Oh brilliant I will take this flu vaccination to get the flu, just what I wanted!”. Maybe it was my father’s stubborn nature that rose above that day or maybe it was years of my mother’s subtle “vaccinations are silly” talks. Whatever it was I don’t mind because I still haven’t been sick this year, not even a runny nose, touch wood.

So what about my future babies you ask?

I haven’t decided what I will do with my children yet, whether I will choose to vaccinate or maybe just vaccinate the major vaccines. I did seem to inherit my mother’s pure hate for plastics and synthetic materials when parenting, but whether I gained her vaccination loathe I am not sure yet. Along with that thought lay within me the reality that this world has become rather a minefield for infections and serious illness, only becoming more common amongst children.

I do know this however, my kids will be in the dirt more than they are on carpet. Their little hands will be dirty and kisses will be planted across their red cheeks more often they would like. Germs will be around, runny noses will be a common occurrence I am sure, but with that their immunity will grow – vaccine or not.

I don’t mind if you want to vaccinate your children or yourself, you do wneedle.jpghat you believe will make you healthy, all I do ask is you stop the slamming of people who choose not to.

I will update you all when I am older if I have since gone under with any major illness following the lack of medical grade substances running through my body, however, I don’t like your chances I am feeling pretty damn fine.


This post comes after a conversation with Nick last night. After the past few sleepless nights, root canal and a few future choices that lay on my chest at the moment it’s fair to say I was a little emotionally tender. Anyway,  I asked if he was proud of me, I don’t know why I asked the question or why I felt it needed justifying but this was his reply.

“Brides I am proud of the person you are, not the career you have chosen.”

Ever since the words left his mouth I wondered two things:

  1. How did I get so lucky to have an emotionally stable man like him?
  2. Why didn’t I know that already?

For someone who looks for every hidden message in anything and likes to find the emotional appeal to most situations, it shocks me that I hadn’t read into this sooner.

You see I am only 20, yet I have known for as long as I can remember all I  have wanted from this life was to be one hell of a wife and an even better mother. A career for me would be something to fill in the time between those plans and maybe, potentially something to release a passion I hold so dear. So when I decided to ship off to university it was a decision solely based on the “find out who I am”, yet I already knew, so really it ended up being a year filled with a large amount of goon and meeting unbelievable friends, so I guess to an extent I did find out who I was to a different degree. But I still yearned to be back home and tickle my nieces to hear their giggle or have a dad cuddle that didn’t change. When the opportunity arose for me to become a journalist and remain in a different state to my family I chose to agree, for I did love writing and writing was one of those things that just worked for me, I don’t know how and I don’t know when.

Everyone knew I loved writing from my blogs I started when I was 15,  but putting an official writing title to my name took it to a different level. This level of proudness bestowed upon my parents and a standard of careers began. I remember coming home one weekend and one of my father’s friends said “we are all so proud of you my dear, keep at it” and I know those words were so kind and so sincere but I wondered why they weren’t proud before?

I can’t be one to talk, you see I always wondered why people were happy being the ‘check out chick’ for the entirety of their life, but now I understand. If you find happiness within serving the locals or mowing the local football field then so be it, who am I to say you need more, frankly, I am disappointed that the thought ever crossed my mind and how I could be so ignorant.

So when I confessed to my sister I was thinking of coming home for several reasons, but the main one being because that would make me entirely happy, she said “dont waste your talent as a writer”, so in order to find myself being the writer I am meant to be and being happy, a median I am yet to find.

I beg of you to do what makes you happy, some people spend years studying for a degree they are unsure about. It takes all different kinds of careers to make this world go around and I am so thankful for each and everyone one of you, that pressure that sits upon every indivual when they are asked what they do for a career or what they study at university that daunting lingering feeling that sits upon you before you tell them the answer, and watch their eyebrows raise in a “stupid idiot ” or their smile widen in a “wow you’re a doctor” that’s the feeling that shouldn’t be welcomed. We should be encouraged to do whatever the hell we want to do and be happy with that.

Maybe the height of my career will be a rural journalist or maybe it will be president of god knows what, maybe I will return home and have no career but make a living from selling horse poo on the side of the road,  whatever, I don’t know but I know that whatever I do in the future won’t matter, for I am happy and will continue to be.

If you have a talent, chase it, but only if you love it. In all honestly just be happy and preach that happiness to people.

Nick, you are so damn right and thank you for being proud of the smile on my face and making me feel like my happiness is enough.